Hi!, I'm César Botana. I'm spanish and I have been working as a game programmer since 2001 in companies such as Pyro Studios (creators of the Commandos franchise) and Zinkia Entertainment (creators of tv cartoon Pocoyo). Now I’m founder and programmer at Digital Tentacle.

I have collaborated in the book Power Ups talking about my advices to those who want to start in game development, and in the documentary Insert Coin, where I talk about my company, games, development anecdotes, etc.

During my career, sometimes I have worked alone and sometimes inside of a group of programmers, but on this website I will only talk about the things I did on my own or that I had the full responsibility.

Besides programming, I love to learn new things (I'm a huge fan of Udacity), read, travel, watch movies and to play the drums. I hope the content of this web will be interesting to you and thanks for the visit!