Deadlight is a 2.5D sidescroller platform game developed for Xbox 360 and PC by Tequila Works. It was developed using Unreal Engine 3. I had been working on this game as lead programmer for nearly two years and the main part of the game was developed by only two programmers, near the end, two more programmers joined the team.


The camera system uses volumes to determine where the player is and how the camera have to act. Every camera volume is configure with some information such as distance camera to player, if the camera have to follow de player, if the camera have to collide with the volume borders, etc. In every volume you can define too information for any of the four sides of the volume (top, bottom, left and right) so the camera can react different if the player enter by the right or left.

The AI use a typical machine states with three kind of senses to "feel" the world around (sight, hearing and contact).


Although we used Unreal Engine, was necessary to create custom tools for our needs, we used C# to created them. One was a simply tool to generate Unreal localization files from a Microsoft Excel file. Another tool was a one-button-build-system (see image below).

You can select individual actions pressing specific button or you can press the start button and do all actions one behind the other. The performed actions are:

  • Update of the project from Subversion server.
  • Build Unreal Engine and scripts.
  • Cook all necessary data from specific maps.
  • Generate Xbox 360 final file.
  • Run some TCR tests.
  • Package all data required by publisher (Xbox executable, documentation, artwork, etc) in a zip file ready to be sent.